Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival

Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2014

     Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (YCMF) is a yearly international festival of contemporary music, which has been organized in Yogyakarta since 2004. However YCMF has undergone a three-year hiatus since the last festival in 2010. Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm YCMF plans to return in 2014 to hold it’s seventh festival from the Independent Composers Community Yogyakarta (ICCY).

 Since the beginning YCMF was created in order to give a space to the country’s young talent as well as sharing experience with talents from neighbouring countries. We believe this festival is an important happening for the contemporary music musicians, composers and enthusiasts not just of Yogyakarta, Indonesia but also reaching throughout Asia. With this in mind, and after our 3-year hiatus, the theme of YCMF 2014 will be ‘Sounds of Asia’.



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